We've All Got to Start Somewhere: Jennifer Aniston
Posted by: stan 07:22 pm EDT 04/18/21

As probably none of you recall, I've spent a few hours each week during this shutdown to organize and catalog my 30 years of saved playbills. Today was '87-88. One show at the Public was called "For Dear Life" by Susan Miller. I have no recall of this production. The Playbill shows that Christine Estabrook, Leila Robins and Tony Shalhoub were in it and a newcomer, Jennifer Aniston. Her listing states: that she recently graduated from the High School of Performing Arts. Jennifer is happy to be making her professional stage debut at the Public Theater.
I'm kind of cannibalizing most of my Playbills keeping only the covers and the essentials -- 12 library shelves is now down to 5. But "valuable" Playbills are kept intact. This set of binders contained original productions of Frankie and Johnnie at the Clair de Lune, Phantom with Sarah Brightman, Patty Lupone's Anything Goes, Into the Woods (with Bernadette), AND Carrie! Yesterday I uncovered the Playbill for the Lincoln Center Production of Waiting for Godot. There was also a handout, one double-sided folded "Playbill", of Chinese Coffee with Al Pacino.

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