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"the very long road of healing and trust-building" ...

I'm sorry but I have to ask... what is it that you think he's accused of? That the broadway community will be on a "very long road of healing"? The entire country and culture is on a very long road of trying to see the toxicity and bias and power abuse and rot at the core of all the structures of all our industries, etc. Not just Broadway, and not just through Rudin's existence or his behaviors or his departure. There's a LOT of work that has to be done in the broadway world... a lot that's not right about how it's structured and plays out, a lot to dig and discover and change, but it's not ALL about or because of or reflected in Rudin and his monstrous behavior.

We are talking about him as if they discovered he was running a child sex trafficking ring through his broadway productions... I don't at all want to diminish his actual crimes and abuses, but his psychological abuse and physical abuses and workplace toxicity is horrifying and needs to be ended and prevented in the future in all workplaces. But everyone has known for years and said nothing, and he is by no means the only one in power who creates a toxic or even violent work environment. I wish he were, but that's why bringing him down is important. It can stop, and this kind of consequence and transparency will help prevent it.

I also believe (or hold the naive hope) that at least in entertainment, no one (or far fewer people at least) in power who isn't already guilty of Rudin-like/level things, or Weinstein-like/level things, will behave in those ways, just simply because of the consequences if any victims of their behavior speak out on social media or to the press... and that's what this is for. I think this is happening because Rudin has such a long history of it. But if he started producing now, or was on the brink now of becoming the monster he became in the 90s, he would not behave in violent ways because of twitter, because of transparency that didnt' exist, because we believe victims more now, and we collectively hold some people accountable. Entertainment is too visible and high profile, I think / hope that powerful people in this industry will be too terrified and will think twice about touching an ass or throwing a stapler (or much worse, which obviously also happens). I'm not saying Scott wouldn't be a monster, I'm saying he wouldn't behave so openly like one because the world and culture has changed and is changing more.

But I do think his productions will continue, and personally I hope audiences don't boycott them to punish Rudin. I know I wouldn't punish the dozens or hundreds of artists whose work deserves to be seen just because Rudin might profit from it. So will they. I do hope he is not actually profiting on future productions that haven't happened yet, and that artists and actors and theater owners etc don't work with him as a producer.

I've got news for you, most abusive bosses (at the top level or mid or low levels, anyone with power and where fear is at play in why the abused person/employee doesn't feel they can risk standing up or speaking out) do not even understand or recognize that they're being abusive. Rudin I'm sure knew he was and didn't give a sh*t, he felt entitled to it to an extreme degree, clearly seen in the ways he behaves with employees. I have worked creatively in the entertainment industry, theater and tv, for 2 decades, and I assure you that I have never worked for anyone who isn't abusive and creating or relying on toxicity in some way that people now would say is unacceptable and even cancel-worthy. I also assure you that most of them would be shocked to look back and see it through that lens, because they didn't think it was that, and from their position of power and privilege and lack of perspective, they didn't need to.
It's pervasive and it has to be changed from the top to the bottom. But I don't think it does the rest of the people who are in power any favors to talk about Rudin as if he was discovered trafficking children... what he did is what he did, and people who behave similarly need to be able to RECOGNIZE this behavior and method of "bossing" in order to see how similar they are, and stop it.

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