re: We've All Got to Start Somewhere: Jennifer Aniston
Posted by: Pokernight 10:40 am EDT 04/19/21
In reply to: We've All Got to Start Somewhere: Jennifer Aniston - stan 07:22 pm EDT 04/18/21

Wow: You reminded me of the fact that there are many productions I saw that I don't remember at all. I don't know when you began your theatre-going (I started in high school), but am wondering if you have the Playbill of the first Broadway show I saw. GIRLS OF SUMMER by N. Richard Nash. I remember the name of every cast member, since I read and re-read the Playbill over and over. I mention it because it starred Shelley Winters and Pat Hingle along with George Peppard's debut, it had a gay character, and had incidental music by one Stephen Sondheim.

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