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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 11:41 am EDT 04/19/21
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I agree with you completely that "Happily Ever After" seems like it would have been a wholly unsatisfying ending for the show, but I'm not sure I agree about "Marry Me a Little." That song does indeed have a very ambivalent feeling to it, but then, so does "Being Alive" -- although the brilliiance of the song is that, of course, Bobby essentially sings it through twice, the first time enumerating all his ambivalent feelings about marriage in a rather negative tone, the second time expressing his decision that he very much wants marriage regardless of his ambivalence.

Anyway, I think "Marry Me a Little" might have worked fine as the last song in the show if they had made such a simple change as giving the end of the song more of a feeling of resolution in musical terms -- an ending more like that of "Being Alive" -- rather than the very ambivalent,
"unfinished" ending it has now.

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