According to a press release just received, DeBlasio attended the reopening of PERFECT CRIME and announced it as "the official return of New York City Theater."
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(New York, NY – April 19, 2021) – The long running Off-Broadway play Perfect Crime, reopened last night and made history as it did so. On the heels of a year-long shutdown of every theatre in New York, the production was the first show to receive Actors’ Equity approval to officially re-open on Sunday, April 18th at 7:30PM - its 34th anniversary performance – making it the first Actors’ Equity production (on or Off-Broadway) to return with live actors. The show reopened with a newly updated ventilation system, a fully vaccinated cast and staff, and numerous safety precautions and policies in place.

The Mayor declared the performance a groundbreaking moment, saying “The show must go on, and that saying has never been more powerful than in this exact moment, because here in this theater, in this moment, we are making history as we come back from Covid, and the show is going on tonight.”

“It’s so important that this play is coming back,” he said. He also thanked Actors Equity and explained that the show’s reopening was important because it meant that more productions and audiences would return to the city – ultimately paving the way for Broadway’s return. “This truly is the beginning of something very, very big.”

The Mayor described the resilience of Perfect Crime, citing that it went on despite whatever was thrown at it over the years. “After 9/11, the play kept going. After the great recession, the play kept going. But nothing has been quite like covid in terms of throwing us all off and causing us all to have to find a new way back. But what unites all of that is the incredible resiliency of New York City and the people of New York City – but also the incredible resiliency and meaning of our cultural community. No matter what we experience we look to our actors, musicians and dancers and everyone who brings us that light and creativity, to give us hope again. So tonight, the regeneration of that hope happens right here, right before you on this stage – and to me, that is worth so much. So, I have the official joy of announcing that as of this very moment, the theater is back in New York City.

Perfect Crime’s permanent schedule will be as follows: Monday-Tuesday and Friday 8 PM, Saturday 2 & 8 PM and Sunday 3 & 7:30 PM. www.perfect-crime.com.

The show is currently playing at the approved 33% capacity, but The Theater Center General Manager Catherine Russell (acknowledged by the mayor as a contributing force in the re-opening of theater in New York) has amended the class action suit she initiated against the city and state, and is now asking for 50% capacity to match that of restaurants, based on the First Amendment rights due to theaters.

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