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NOTE: I wrote this reply before seeing Alan's post above that gives necessary context to what was going on in the show at the time these ends were tried... and knowing that stuff makes discussing how either song would work at the end of the show as we know it now seem pointless.

But here was my reply:

I just don't see MMAL that way, or Being Alive I guess.

Being Alive IS a door opening. It is Bobby wanting to be vulnerable to someone else, with all the good *and* bad that comes with that, and it's expressing the bad as not bad but as a deeper layer of what connection means. It's him getting over himself and the fears of exposing himself and being vulnerable and "compromising" himself in order to now go forward wanting a *real* connection, and being open to it.
Marry Me A Little is half way to that. We know the lyrics aren't expressing a real relationship, but Bobby has to want to them when he sings it. Unlike how it was performed in the London revival as a winking half sarcastic and self-aware song, it has to be a genuine effort to insist this kind of relationship should be enough, and that he is "ready" for something real. He isn't... yet. But he's closer than he was. But that is not an end to the show, I don't know how it could be.

Being Alive isn't satisfying as an ending because it puts a bow on it or resolves it or finishes the story, as it were, it's satisfying because it is a breakthrough for Bobby, it is the completion of an emotional arc he needed to have.

But yes I'm sure with a less ambivalent ending it would work better than it does, but I still don't see it working as a way to end this show. I don't even know what the song is doing or saying in that spot... it makes a ton of sense to me in the middle of the show, but I don't get it if it's the ending thought or emotion.

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