re: God, the racism on this site is so depressing
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"There are Black Jews and you are erasing them from existence."

Of course, there are Black people who follow the religion of Judaism, but if we're honest, I think all of us -- yourself included -- would agree that the character of Jamie in THE LAST 5 YEARS was not conceived as a Black Jew, but as quite a specific type: a white, middle- or upper-middle-class NYC Jew of the type whose mother would be very upset to find out that he's dating a non-Jewish girl. Although I believe the fact that Jamie is that specific kind of Jew is only made a point of in that one song at the beginning of the show, "Shiksa Goddess," it's the whole point of that entire song. So regardless of whether people applaud the casting of Black or Asian or Latino or Native American actors in the role of Jamie Wellerstein, the point is that the character's religion is not all there is to him.

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