re: You are a pathetic defamer
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 09:54 pm EDT 04/20/21
In reply to: You are a pathetic defamer - MRH 09:40 pm EDT 04/20/21

Thanks, MRH I somehow forgot about the Schmuel song.....which is quite a feat, as the song is, like, six minutes long :-) (Hangs head, sheepishly)

P.S. Some time ago, I left ACT entirely for several months because I had become sick of people who post here ANONYMOUSLY blithely labeling others as racist or sexist or transphobic or whatever. I think you and I both know several people who do this, and recently, to my dismay, another longtime and frequent poster here joined that ignominious club. All I can suggest is, if you want to continue posting here, you might want to consider refusing to engage with those people under any circumstances. Sometimes I follow that advice myself, and sometimes not....

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