re: NYTimes Injets Race Into Review -- and Omits Key Facts 
Posted by: kafritz 06:37 am EDT 04/21/21
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The company that produced this production of The Last Five Years, Out of the Box Theatrics, often casts its productions without regard to gender, race, creed, ethnicity, or disability. It is specific to their mission. One production with a Black Jamie and Cathy does not erase or eradicate all of the many many productions of The Last Five Years with white actors. This version is also excellent, as the critic notes. Nicholas Edwards, who plays Jamie, performs "Shiksa Goddess" and "The Schmuel Song" with total conviction (plus "The Schmuel Song" is quite cleverly staged). It really helps to actually watch the thing. I've posted a short excerpt of "Shiksa Goddess" below.

Literalism in theatre and those who insist upon it can deny themselves some very special experiences. A good actor might be able to take you anywhere if you lose self-imposed notions of what a particular show "must" be.
Link Nicholas Edwards performs "Shiksa Goddess"

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