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The RADAR website yesterday reported that it was Hugh Jackman who pressured Rudin to do the right thing and withdraw or else Jackman would pull out, precipitating Rudin’s “stepping back” decision. That would seem in keeping with Jackman’s demeanor of not wanting to make the story about himself but rather wanting Rudin to take responsibility for his actions and change his toxic behavior without endangering the livelihoods of hundreds of staff.

As to his friendships and acquaintances, he and Ivanka both worked as board members for a charity benefitting at-risk children. From reports I’d read, they respect each other’s different political viewpoints. He energetically supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy and performed at a major fundraiser for her. Rather than work for good causes alongside someone whose family you don’t like, would you rather he participate in alleged questionable business dealings or go on alleged illicit adventures with the likes of someone who was fawned over by Jimmy Kimmel?

Taking cheap shots at Jackman is unwarranted. He is heavily involved in many humanitarian and charity efforts including Adoption Awareness, Stop Cancer, the Harlem Village Academies and the Global Poverty Project, just to name a few. He went to Ethiopia with World Vision to help coffee farmers achieve a sustainable income. His fair trade coffee shops, which resulted from that African journey, donate 100 percent of the profits to charity. Plus he has personally raised more money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS than any other individual.

Celebrities with a humanitarian bent, like anyone else seeking to better humankind, should be allowed to work at it in their own fashion without snide comments from those who don’t approve of their approach. You have the right to skip their movies and plays, but not to demand they act only in concert with your preferences.

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