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That he is very decent human being must have been the basis of friendships that some people kept with Hugh.

Not too many knew of his friendship with the late Gerald Schoenfeld until Hugh was asked to say a few words during the renaming of the Plymouth Theatre to honor the late Chairman of the Shubert Organization. Mrs. Schoenfeld also asked Hugh to write the foreword to the book that she published written by her husband re his long association with Broadway. The night he passed on, he and his wife had just attended the premiere of Hugh's movie AUSTRALIA. The foreword was written with the high regard and affection that Hugh had for Mr. Broadway. It was told that Mr. Schoenfeld would walk from his office at the Shubert Organization to the nearby Imperial Theatre a few times a week to watch the closing moments of TheBoyFromOz. There were also a few instances when Mr. Schoenfeld would ask Hugh to spend more time on Broadway...To this date, Mrs. Schoenfeld would call on Hugh to escort her if she wanted to see a show.

He and his wife also became friends with fellow Australian Rupert Murdoch and his ex-wife. Mr Murdoch was in effect his boss, as he owned FOX Studios where many movies starring Hugh Jackman were produced and were box office hits. What was unusual was that it was the Murdochs who asked Hugh to be the godfather to their youngest daughter.

When Hugh earned his Walk of Fame Star in Hollywood, it was attended by the Heads of several studios ( Fox, Universal, Dreamworks) and Cameron Mackintosh. Studio heads do not usually attend this kind of ceremonies for specific Hollywood actors.

Btw, when I had a chance to see his theatre concert at Madison Square Garden, he proudly noted the presence of the late Phil Smith, Chairman of the Shubert Organization as well as the President of the Rodgers& Hammerstein Organization (Ted Chapin?). Seated a few rows behind me was Martha Stewart.

Hugh also did a lot for Broadway, as mentioned by Mamaleh.

If I remember correctly, he raised some $ 5.5 million for Broadway Cares/EFA during his 4 engagements on Broadway .

During the same 4 engagements ( 1 yearlong and 3 limited engagements), he NEVER missed a performance! It impressed even the cynical Michael Riedel who changed his tune when writing about Hugh Jackman ( he was not a fan at the outset of TheBoyFromOz) .

He did host the TONYs 4 times...and even earned an EMMY for hosting the 2004 award show.

He is returning to Broadway after a 7 year hiatus in what was then heralded as one of the shows that would be a pillar in the return of Broadway. Unfortunately, very difficult circumstances have occurred leading eventually to the withdrawal of Scott Rudin from the production. That Hugh Jackman was one of the people who likely influenced Mr. Rudin's decision is not unlikely. Mr Rudin was a co-producer of The River and it was said that it took him 3 years to convince Hugh Jackman to take on the role of The Music Man. No one can dispute that the fate of the production lies squarely on Hugh's shoulders, as well the fate of the entire TMM team ( creatives, cast, crew, collateral services people like costumes, wigs, props, publicity, etc), musicians and the theatre staff. It is a heavy responsibility that he has to carry in his decision on whether to leave the show or not.

Why not just wait for the full story to come out, if it ever does, maybe even as told by Mr. Rudin?

The pandemic has brought havoc to many institutions, including Broadway! The Music Man is supposed to be part of the new shows ( to accompany the other shows that closed temporarily) to herald the return of Broadway. That it has drawn not just the attention of theatregoers but also of other fans of the movie musical and Hugh Jackman's appeal n the entertainment world would be good to help Broadway get back on its feet. Mr. Rudin is stepping back from this production... You don't have to see it if you dislike the musical or Hugh Jackman himself, but shouldn't we be all be glad that it may contribute to the success of the return of Broadway?!

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