re: Any word from Hugh Jackman?
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I’m going to add that my good friends, the late and much lamented Len Wein and his wife, Chris, were friends with Jackman for decades. They always said he was a generous, kind, and caring man. Len was the comic book legend who created many of the X-Men, including Wolverine. When they first met, Jackman immediately apologized for being too tall. (The original superhero was 5’3”, while Jackman’s a foot taller.) Len said, “That’s okay. You play him short really well.” When Len was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame at ComicCon some years ago, Jackman made a surprise appearance to present him with the honor. Jackman issued a lovely tribute when Len died in 2017.

Laura, still missing Len, who loved musicals as much as she does

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