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I definitely like the material and especially the score. I did enjoy the evening at the Northlight and I am glad that I saw the debut production. The actors were fine and it was a treat that Brown himself was playing the piano as part of an on stage band.

My partner and I (like most of the audience) went into the show cold. It was a little off-putting trying to figure out why the actors were essentially performing dueling monologues throughout the show except for the middle section when Jamie and Kathleen do the wedding song. The talkback was amusing and enlightening. It was like that song in Falsettos -- "Four Jews in a Room Bitching" -- multiplied by (at least) ten.

It definitely would have been better for me if I had understood the structure of the show before seeing it. I like the movie because the 2 leads do interact with each other. I've never seen any other production so I don't know how it is staged now. However, the show is so well known today and almost universally acclaimed. I assume everyone who sees it now understands in advance how the story will be told.

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