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When Hugh was asked about his friendship with Ivanka, he said that he has known her from way back ( given that he mentioned last 15 years, so I am assuming that must have been when Hugh was in The Boy From Oz). He must have been introduced to many women in New York City social circles . Anna Wintour became a friend presumably when Hugh performed at the Met Institute Costume Ball. Ivanka knew Nicole Kidman so I assume that was how they may have met. At the baptism of Rupert Murdoch's younger daughters, Hugh and Nicole were the godparents together with former UK Prime Minister Blair. Ivanka was also there in Jordan, and they were all hosted by the Queen. Despite the presumable friendship, Hugh joined the Broadway concert to campaign for Hillary Clinton (see link).
Hugh and Rupert are both on the Board of Directors of Harlem Village Acadamies, so the association was not just due to FOX Studios. They are also fellow Australians, like Nicole Kidman. Hugh and his wife are also close friends of known liberal and fellow advocate Donna Karan. Donna hosted the surprise birthday for Hugh's 50 birthday party where Ivanka and Jared turned up.
Link https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2016/oct/18/hillary-clinton-broadway-fundraiser-hugh-jackman-julia-roberts

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