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Clearly you have decided to make this subject your personal cause célèbre.

Cap locks: Yes, we all make fun of people who do it, but in the scheme of things, especially right now, does this really need to be a thing?

Important: This is a no brainer. Rudin's statement was the sine qua non of the entire narrative. Without his "stepping back" everything would have collapsed. And please recall that prior to that statement all of the online traffic was calling for the substance of his statement. Yes it was incredibly important that the voices of Rudin's victims and their loved ones came out but that was a separate causation.

Not on feeds: Again, why does it matter? If I had to venture a guess it would be that it was a personal statement, rather than one processed by assistants and publicists who would have made it look prettier for you.

Incorrect spelling: The simple answer is see above but I wonder if you have never spelled a word incorrectly on the internet. I think all of us can itemize the various reasons for spelling errors, all of which are trivial, especially in the present context.

Why now? Why not? The heavy lifting having been done, he decided it would be nice to write some thoughts so folks would know that things were moving on.

Yes what you wrote was so weird and telling. Why now?

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