So looking over at your classmate's test answers and cribbing the right answers on a school exam is also okay? (re: If the letter is sealed)
Posted by: Marlo*Manners 03:12 pm EDT 04/22/21
In reply to: If the letter is sealed - dramedy 02:54 pm EDT 04/22/21

I mean that is also publicly visible?

I think what Roth was typing on his phone is private.

Also, not everyone in the business (and on this board) loves Karen Olivo. She is a controversial person though not as reviled as Rudin.

There is also the question of intention - did Roth intend for his opinions on Olivo to be publicly shared? Did he post them on his social media or send a written statement to a newspaper or post it on a chat room board like this one?

No. It was a private opinion and was shared privately in a personal email to one person.

Thanks to the transcriber in the next seat we all know what Roth told Rudin which is none of our business nor was it the business of the transcriber.

I still don't feel good about it.

Marlo Manners (Lady Barrington)

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