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Uh huh.

What’s dumb about calling out a statement that was in all caps (except, oddly, his name at the end) and contained a spelling error? What kind of press agent he has working for him, I’ll never know. It’s not like he can’t afford one. In addition, whether or not you’re right about Rudin speaking, the statement does land as though the victims words mean less. It’s very poorly worded.

The fact that his statement doesn’t appear on his feeds IS telling. If, as you suggest, it’s a personal statement, why not include it? He’s very well managed and I find it confusing to see his statement — I can’t imagine it didn’t go through his staff. And if it didn’t, it should have.

You called me out on nothing. Your response is just spin and apology. Of COURSE I make spelling errors — but I’m not a celebrity or their professional press person. The statement was lousy and you know it. What’s DUMB is wasting time on people you find dumb.

As for your beef with me, I forgive you.

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