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Have you ever read his feeds? His spelling mistakes occur every now and then and readers simply forgive him - must be his poor eyesight, too.

Hugh is a mass communications graduate ( major in journalism) in addition to a drama degree. Didn't Mrs Pat Schoenfeld ask him to write the foreword on the book written by her late husband Broadway League's Gerald Schoenfeld but had not been published when he passed on. Hugh's foreword was written with such a personal touch.

I agree with ryhog that this sounds like a personal statement. There was one podcast by Tim Ferriss which was very well-received. A very long one with Hugh Jackman - it gives you a very good insight on the person.

His present feeds touch on his current advocacies - supporting the anti-pandemic campaign, honoring the frontliners, the Global Citizen Movement of which he is a founding organizer, his support of free trade in coffee farming communities through Laughing Man Coffee, giving out suggestions on literature that support certain advocacies ( The Overstory, Bill Gates book on climate change, etc) and simply literature of great interest. Occasionally, he would share some family stuff, such as his quiet celebration of his 25th wedding anniversary (April 11) while the Rudin controversy was raging. He would also share health advocacies as he has suffered from some form of skin cancer over the years ( that famous Greatest Showman video showed him with a plaster on his nose because he had just had a skin cancer removal surgery and was actually not allowed to sing - but he did eventually). Also, in the middle of the Rudin issue, he did share that he had just had a biopsy and thankfully the results indicated only pre-cancerous stage. He shares fun stuff that he does during the pandemic like baking sourdough bread which he personally delivers to a frontliner-honoree. But he never shared that he was also taking film classes online with Columbia's Prof Annette Innsdorf ( who shared the info)... And recently he announced that he would be making a film with upcoming French auteur Florian Zeller, a film out of Zeller's trilogy and will be called The Son, So, a lot on his plate recently.

The only times he would generally share stuff from his work - are when he is asked to drop trailers or major announcements or share inside comical photos, or stories behind the scenes that never usually glorify him, etc. He does have a large following on social media ( close to 30 M on Instagram and close to 15 M on Twitter) but he is always down to earth in his entries ( sometimes even very unflattering photos). He is fun... and sincere!

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