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See - you turn to personal insults when you cannot argue positively.

For your info - I have the pleasure of not having to work. I do like to follow other stuff -- I am also a Formula One follower and have been twice to Monaco and once in Montreal for races. I also like tennis ( I follow Rafa Nadal, too). I like to read a lot ( do you?) and one of the good things that happened during the pandemic was having much time to read ( do you?) - my present set of literature is varied. Can't travel now - but hopefully, by the time of The Music Man, I would be able to do so. Plus see many other NYC attractions ( I once worked there...and that was how I discovered Broadway) - gungho about visiting the museums again, seeing other shows ( last one I saw were MoulinRouge and Evan Hansen), some out-of-town visits ( too bad my planned visit is not in the fall -- I loved my time doing grad work in Massachusetts).

I like Hugh ( saw him on a business trip to London - I was making a presentation to fund managers worldwide and learned that a Rodgers&Hammerstein is on stage- didn't know the lead but he had a comanding stage presence and a poweful stage voice - who knew?? That was Oklahoma! in 1999) because he is a fine actor and is one whose joy in performing is very well transmitted to the audience. I like his choice of material even more now that he is in his post-Wolverine career path. I also like following people who show depth and intelligence. He also seems to be a very kind and humane person.

No need to assume things about me. It is the message that is important, not the medium ( I did not invent that).


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