Nope. You wrote what you wrote and people see who you are
Posted by: Singapore/Fling 02:32 am EDT 04/23/21
In reply to: You are a pathetic defamer - MRH 09:40 pm EDT 04/20/21

Took some time away from the racism and misogyny recently posted on this forum, so only now popping back in to respond to your baseless self-defense:

You wrote "The role of Jamie is Jewish. Why WOULDN'T a white actor be cast in that role?" Which makes it very clear that you think that Jewish people are White. You might have made a gesture in your first post to observe that there are Black Jews, but you erased them the moment you had the chance. If you're going to come for me, you better bring receipts.

And by the way, I post all the time here in nuanced conversations about race without calling people racist... UNLESS they're being racist, and when it happens, I'm going to call it out. I've also written constantly that we are all racist, and that it is fine to be racist, so long as we learn from our mistakes and be better. But apparently you're only paying attention to what I write when you can feel victimized by it, and you aren't doing the work to stop being racist. That's on you.

Furthermore, all throughout this thread, people have posed clear questions to you that point to the weakness, myopia, and racism of your viewpoint, and you have thoroughly ignored and avoided them, so don't talk to me about the weakness of my arguments; your entire argument is "Jews are white, Jason Robert Brown is white, why is a Black woman noting that the role is rarely played by a Black man?"

Which brings us to: Maya Philips wasn't even complaining or offering a critique about Jamie being played by white men, she just observed that it was rare to see a Black man in the role, and that was enough to send you into a tirade against her, which you NEVER defended despite being called out on it by numerous people. Hyperventilating to criticize and vilify a Black woman... I hate to say it, but that's racist. You might not want to face that about yourself, but it's there.

Over the years, people on this board have explained in ever so patient and supportive terms exactly why there is not a two-way street when it comes to white people playing roles written for PoC actors. You have had more than enough time to learn why the history of White Supremacy in this country means that white people can't play parts envisioned for Poc, but PoC can play parts envisioned for white people, so long as the text can support it or the production can make a case for it. If you're still bringing up that old canard now, in 2021, about why aren't the rules the same for everyone, then you are being willfully ignorant, and that ignorance is in support of racism.

I'd encourage you do some reading on this topic and educate yourself, but i fear that ship has passed.

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