The so-called "Racist Police" only come when you write something racist
Posted by: Singapore/Fling 02:46 am EDT 04/23/21
In reply to: re: Courtney Daniels - MRH 09:50 pm EDT 04/22/21

Since you brought it up, the post in question isn't racist. It's terribly disrespectful, but it's not racist. So I doubt that the "racist police" will show up for this post, since they only come when someone writes something racist (as can be attested by the overwhelming response to your Jamie Is White post below).

But also, this its own hysterical and disgusting White privilege joke, because the actual police behave in racist ways, so the idea of "racist police" is not funny. Black folks and other PoC are harassed by the police on a daily basis for such crimes as having air fresheners in their cars (something i've never worried about as a white person). Likewise, BIPOC are incarcerated at much higher rates than White people and serve longer sentences than White people, even though the rate of crime is roughly the same across ethnic and racial communities And that is because the police, as a system, are racist. So your joke is sour on multiple levels.

PS, scroll down, I responded to you in full and merciless truth in your original White Panic post.

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