re: Camelot Running Time?
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 01:42 pm EDT 04/23/21
In reply to: Camelot Running Time? - tocop 01:28 pm EDT 04/23/21

You may not be aware that major cuts were made several months after CAMELOT opened on Broadway. So I imagine you'll want the running time of the longer version of the show when it opened, and before major sections were cut, I believe including "Take Me to the Fair," "Fie on Goodness," and the whole Morgan le Fey scene.

I don't have that info, but I will say that I once appeared in an uncut community theater production of the show that included EVERYTHING, and my memory is that while it was a full three hours in length, it wasn't longer than that -- whereas LES MIZ, before they cut it, ran three hours and 15 minutes. Isn't that right?

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