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In reply to: Rudin Thoughts, and the Denial of Humanity - Quicheo 12:09 pm EDT 04/23/21

Quicheo: Thanks for introducing some nuance and perspective on the topic which have been otherwise completely lacking, both here and in other forums and discussions.

The suddenness and the hugeness of the "abuse in the theatre" reactions have a "straw-that-breaks-the-camel's-back" feel, not unlike those generated by the "Me-Too" frenzy of a couple of years ago. However, unlike the latter case, I'm not sure what the camel is in the producer's-office-abusive-behavior issue – you addressed the matter in your bullet points above. And I agree with the import of your questions 8 and 9 for real-world consideration, as opposed to keyboard-warrior boilerplate.

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