re: If MISS SAIGON goes, MAME goes too.
Posted by: PlayWiz 05:41 pm EDT 04/24/21
In reply to: re: If MISS SAIGON goes, MAME goes too. - Revned 03:12 pm EDT 04/24/21

I agree. But to make it more topical and pass more muster by folks who get offended as it is presently and don't see it that way as written, they can cast Mother Burnside as "M. Other Burnside" with someone made up to look like Lindsay Graham and refashion Sally Cato as Sal E. Cato wearing a Mitch McConnell mask or makeup, and it's very doable actually-- though maybe not in the South. But if it saves "Mame" otherwise, why not?*

* Lest I be criticized for making light of their concerns, a lot of woke folks have suppressed a big percentage of their (pronoun of choice) sense of humor in favor of continuous (granted very much warranted at times) outrage

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