re: Should MISS SAIGON be retired? No.
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I think it is helpful to differentiate. To me, "retire" is reversible, something less than a ban and obviously no one is going to "burn" the book and/or score of any show. To put this is context, the overwhelming majority of shows are retired and always have been. I think the key word is "resonance." We only revive shows that resonate. Sometimes that's because of subject matter, sometimes tastes, and sometimes because they contain depictions that don't sit well with current sensibilities. As to the latter, something Portenopete wrote is the related thread above I think ties in. One of the reasons for the convulsiveness that seeps into so much today is that we are experiencing a shift from the white male dominance of, well, everything. For some it is a bitter pill but for many it is an antidote to the toxicity in which they have been asked for far too long to accept an objectified and prejudiced existence.

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