re: Sunday NYT (4/25/21) Profile of Scott Rudin
Posted by: AnObserver 10:44 am EDT 04/25/21
In reply to: Sunday NYT (4/25/21) Profile of Scott Rudin - dramamina 09:30 pm EDT 04/24/21

I read it online. Seems to be the cover story of the magazine section. It says that Rudin hopes three of his shows will reopen and they will have different producers. But those producers will still answer to him? It's unclear.

And if he's not the lead producer on Music Man, then who will be?

And are the other shows he was planning - including a Guettel musical - Guettel hasn't had a Broadway opening for 16 years - now dropped?

It's all still fuzzy.

And the article has "stepping back" in quotes.

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