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Posted by: Clancy 07:20 pm EDT 04/25/21
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The Times now often provides, in addition to embedded hyperlinks, a list of relevant past stories after the body of the article.
Today's Rudin article included a link to a 1993 Times Magazine profile.
The bantering between Rudin and Paul Rudnick during post-production work on 'Addams Family Values' left me a bit queasy.
Rudin yells at an assistant, "Do you think you'll even vaguely perform your duties as my employee?" Rudnick turns to me [reporter Philip Weiss] with mock foreboding.

"Has he threatened you yet?"


"Well, don't tease him," he says. "And don't put your fingers through the cage."

Rudin grabs the phone. A money battle is brewing over some jokes he's trying to add to "Addams Family Values" a few weeks before it opens. As he talks, he squeezes three Evian bottle caps in one hand, clicking them together a la Captain Queeg.

"Where's Wade?" Rudin shouts, hanging up.

"He's in the bathroom," says another assistant.

"For the 400th time!"

"Remove his colon," Rudnick whispers.

And yes I know Rudnick was joking. But nearly 30 years ago he was clearly aware of office dynamics.
Link NYT: Hollywood at a Fever Pitch

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