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Sorry but I thought the article was absurd. Using the recent Atlanta murders as a launching point to the alleged perpetuation of stereotypes of Asian women in musicals? I highly doubt that the monsters commiting those awful crimes did so after a matinee of Pacific Overtures followed by an evening at Miss Saigon.

Should all of those shows mentioned be re-written or banned because they were told through the lense of the time/setting in which they were placed which now feels uncomfortable for some? I don't recall any of those shows glamourizing racial bias towards Asians, if fact, there was generally a moment or three in each of those shows that suggests quite the opposite.

And to crucify the authors of Miss Saigon for how they interpreted the photo that motivated them to write the show? They weren't trying to write a verbatim account of what happened to that poor mother and her child. It was written in sympathy to that situation and what they imagined the story to be. The attached article will tell you more.

If anyone is given a hard look in MISS SAIGON it is the American military who left a mess behind them after they left and bore no responsibility. And the dark irony of "The American Dream" is completely lost on the author. That number isn't anti-Asian. If anything, it is anti-American in its view of what "The American Dream" stands for to those on the outside looking in no matter where they are from. The point is that all of the excess and crudeness mentioned in the song is what America has allowed itself to be represented by thanks to capitalism gone mad. "America, The Beautiful" it is not.
Link This article is also worth reading...

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