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I did take the time to read both articles with an open mind and thought it was sad, ridiculous and occasionally infuriating in it's painting all non-Asian writers and audiences with the same, broad accusitory brush.

Anti-Asian sentiments are awful and it us up to each of us to do what we can to make it stop but I think time would be better spent challenging statements by those in the current political arena that stir such hatred, not the composers and lyricists of musicals.

The American Theatre article borders on pathetic and makes me question whether the author has actually ever actually seen Miss Saigon. To say that "Their entire characterization is about idolizing whiteness" is utterly ridiculous. And then there is this missive:

"But that’s not what white audiences want to see. They want Asian women who are subservient and self-sacrificing, so that white audiences don’t feel complicit in Kim’s pain. They can write it off as, That’s just the way those people are. They want to see American soldiers as flawed heroes, but still heroes—not as sex traffickers and bannermen of the American war machine."

Clearly white audiences are all mindless, racist dingbats if this author is to be believed.

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