Not sure I agree
Posted by: MockingbirdGirl 07:50 am EDT 04/27/21
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Had speeches been played off as per usual, there would have been more "laundry list" speeches comprising lists of names to be thanked. We never would have gotten to Thomas Vinterberg's incredibly touching tribute to his daughter, or Youn Yuh-jung hilarious commentary, or Daniel Kaluuya's comment about his parents having sex. I didn't mind the long speeches... and if I'm honest, preferred that to sitting through the Best Song performances.

The in memorium was fast... as it was bound to be, given the longer-than-usual period between ceremonies. I was impressed that they included even recent passings, like Helen McCrory (though sad that Adam Schlesinger was omitted). I was pleased, though, that they didn't do (as past ceremonies have) a cutaway to the singer while names are going by, and I was pleased that they included the URL at the end for anyone who wanted to rewatch it.

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