I won’t see anything Scott Rudin produces ever again.
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Not if it’s a show I want to see, not if it’s an actor I adore, not even if I have friends in it. (Maybe especially not if I have friends in it.)

The only reason I haven’t returned my Music Man tickets are a) because I’m going with my entire family, b) the tickets have been switched at least 3 or 4 times by now, and c) it seems certain that, even if some of the money is going to Rudin (or has already gone to Rudin), the day-to-day operation will be run by someone else, and whatever happens with it he won’t be basking in any glory. (And incidentally, should even more bad behavior come to light, I’m quite certain Telecharge would in fact return my tickets at my request – between patrons not wishing to support a producer who’s had disreputable things come to light in the 2 years since I purchased tickets, and the fact that as indicated they’ve arbitrarily changed everyone’s tickets 3 or 4 times to a date a year and a half after their original show date, when they’d have no idea if audience members can make the rescheduled performances, I think at this point they’d be almost legally obligated to honor any refund requests.)

One of the shows I was most looking forward to seeing after 2 or 3 years of buildup was THE LEHMAN TRILOGY - I had tickets for 2 days after the first lockdown, and for the last year I’ve dearly hoped it would be rescheduled and have been awaiting news on that front. But if it does come back and he happens to be attached in any way, I’ll skip that one and just track down the cinema broadcast from National Theatre Online instead.

Life’s too short.
Broadway’s going to have enough trouble getting audiences back in seats and making theatergoing a regular habit again without anyone having to worry about supporting a serial abuser or crossing picket lines.
I won’t be giving that man any more of my money or supporting him in any way for the rest of my life.
And I look forward to consistently being able to drink my own water bottles in the theater again.

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