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Posted by: ryhog 09:13 am EDT 04/28/21
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You don't get it. It is not a NY passport. The excelsior pass is just the model. You will need a passport to take a train, plane, or bus to NYC and most red state tourists are not driving into NYC. Red states will have a passport because there will be no alternative just as they have FAA-compliant drivers' licenses. You think not selling tickets to the unvaccinated will affect ticket sales? Just the opposite. What's anathema is not being able to travel. (And what you mention about the UK is way behind what we have already in NY. That is precisely what the excelsior pass does except the antibody test is not accepted because of its dissipation rate data.) We have been doing this since the Buffalo Bills game, and we know it works and doesn't delay anything. Finally, you also seem not to understand that using his for Broadway has nothing to do with herd immunity, which is an important epidemiological concept but means nothing to ticket buyers who want to know they are not sitting next to an idiot who has not been vaccinated.

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