Broadway's Backbone welcome personal trainer for the working actor Jaron Frand
Posted by: singingotter 10:27 am EDT 04/28/21

Jaron Frand is making a name for himself as a go to personal trainer for the working actor. He has a personal mantra that is about small consistent effort and that fitness is an identity habit. You’ve got to show up and follow up. With changing ones perspective on fitness, he is seeing results in his clients. It’s about a shift from I have to go work out to, I am someone who now works out. His goal is to break the false narrative of what leading characters must look like, provide support and accountability to his clients and aims to recomposition the body in a healthy way. “Stop waiting to be motivated, get up and do it”
Link https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/LISTEN-Broadways-Backbone-with-Personal-Trainer-Jaron-Franz-20210426

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