Ice, Ice, Baby John: West Side Story characters
Posted by: showtunetrivia 11:00 am EDT 04/29/21

So we all know that Tony Kushner is replacing Doc with Valentina, giving Rita Moreno a chance for more than a cameo in the new WSS. Kushner has emphasized that they are not seeking to “wipe out” the 1961 film, which he calls a “masterpiece,” but are “building” from the Bernstein score and Laurents libretto (which he also called a “masterpiece” in the same interview). So, presumably not working from the Lehman screenplay.

We theatre geeks can ponder what this means to the running order of “Cool” and “Gee, Officer Krupke,” but won’t get answers until the film’s release. Over on IMDB, however, we have a whole list of characters. Most are the familiar gang (heh) from Laurents’ original. And there’s a bunch of names besides Valentina that are Brand Spanking New, like Rory (Jamie Harris), Pipo, Braulio, and Chago.

Then there’s Ice (Kyle Coffman from NEWSIES; A-Rab in the 2009 WSS ). Ice wasn’t one of the stage Jets. Ice came from the Lehman screenplay, and is more than just a random Jet. He’s up in the gang hierarchy, he’s Riff’s second in command.

Now Kushner might have just used the name and this new Ice won’t resemble the 1961 Ice at all. But it’s mildly interesting , given that they’re specifically trying to distance themselves from the previous movie, and that Lehman is not listed in the credits.

Laura, who saw the trailer and is reserving judgment

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