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When I saw American Utopia on 1/03/2020, I didn't see masses of people standing, maybe one or two individuals after a particularly exciting number, but then only for a few seconds during the cheering. There was strong, often extended applause after each song. The show definitely featured a spectacularly enjoyable performance. Of course, the standing ovation at the end was unusually strong and lengthy.

Full disclosure: I had no idea who exactly David Byrne was, other than he co-wrote the score for Here Lies Love, which I thoroughly enjoyed at the Public Theatre on 6/09/2014. However, when I mentioned to my family in the fall of 2019 that I was planning a January trip to Broadway to see Little Shop of Horrors, several of my young nieces and nephews told me rabidly "You've got to see David Byrne's American Utopia." Since none of them has ever expressed much interest in anything I see at the theatre in either Chicago or New York (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child excepted), I decided to take their advice and bought a fairly inexpensive ticket. I'm glad I did.

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