Could it be done with significant revisions?
Posted by: GabbyGerard 10:42 pm EDT 05/02/21
In reply to: re: Ann Harada suggests a “Cinderella” cast reunion in “Mame.” - IvyLeagueDropout 12:33 pm EDT 05/02/21

It's interesting that no one has raised this question yet, even though the impetus for this thread was a suggestion from a cast member of one of the most dramatic revisals of a beloved, but problematic work.

Admittedly, revisals are, more often than not, problematic for entirely different reasons and rarely feel like clear-cut improvements over the original texts. Certainly, that was how I felt at Cinderella. But I found a lot of merit in both the sunnier new ending of the Applegate Sweet Charity and the more melancholy new ending of the Foster Sweet Charity. And though I definitely preferred the original Side Show. the revisal certainly had its acolytes.

In the right hands, I think a revisal of Mame could be the best way to salvage a show that so many cherish--and for good reason--but that many others also find objectionable...and for good reason.

Who would have the right hands? I can't tell you off the top of my head, but I'd be curious to know others' ideas.

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