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In Nia Vardalos' 2004 film CONNIE AND CARLA, Vardalos and Toni Collette play downtrodden Chicago cabaret singers who inadvertently witness a mob murder and go on the run...to Los Angeles, a place where they think no one will ever look for them because the place is so devoid of culture of any kind. They end up masquerading as drag queens and becoming West Hollywood cabaret stars (as one does, of course), with the mob on their trail.

The mob hit man who is tasked with finding them and killing them is told to check in every dinner theatre and regional theatre in America, which he does. And there is a hilarious running joke that shows the guy in the audiences of a number of different theatres...all of which have MAME playing on stage. He's not into it at first, but slowly transforms into a fan. It's really delightful.

This movie is a treat and a pure valentine to musical theatre. It's well worth seeking out, if you haven't seen it. Stephen Spinella, Alec Mapa, David Duchovny, and Debbie Reynolds also are featured.

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