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Posted by: BroadwayTonyJ 03:28 pm EDT 05/03/21
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I've seen 2 productions of Mame. The first was at Chicago's now defunct Candlelight Playhouse in May, '94 with Paula Scrofano in the title role and Will Chase as Older Patrick. The 2nd was at the Lincolnshire Marriott in Apr., 2001 with Hollis Resnik as Mame, Alene Robertson as Vera, Paula Scrofano as Gooch, and Joel Hatch as Babcock.

I agree that the show has strengths but a lot of weaknesses. It's almost surprising that the original production was such a big hit. However, Lansbury, Arthur, and Connell were all great, every song in the score is a winner, and the basic story is funny. Apparently audiences accepted the fact that the show's book was not as hilarious as the '58 film, and the combining of Norah Muldoon with Agnes Gooch into one role made no sense at all and IMO hurt the show.

I enjoyed the two local productions because the acting was fine and the score was so delightful. I wanted to see the 2016 staging in Evanston but couldn't fit it into my schedule.

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