re: MAME in Regional Theaters
Posted by: Billhaven 03:48 pm EDT 05/03/21
In reply to: re: MAME in Regional Theaters - BroadwayTonyJ 03:28 pm EDT 05/03/21

The two MAMES I have seen were disappointing: Sandy Duncan at Barrington Stage and the aforementioned Louise Pitre at Godspeed. The show itself was tired, clunky and lumbered from number to number. There was an even worse Auntie Mame at Ogunquit starting Charles Busch. Everything that could go wrong, did. Missing props, phones that rang after being picked up, missed entrances and long scene changes. The actors playing Ito and Nora doubled as the Upsons. Thus, at Mame’s second act party she gave the servants the night off! Memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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