Titanique and Picture of Autumn
Posted by: dramedy 04:31 pm EDT 05/04/21

Titanique the maiden voyage musical is available through tomorrow. You have to know the movie because the story, jokes and references are based on the movie. Celine dion (Marla mindelle) who apparently is one the survivors of the titanic retells the story of jack (Constantine rousouli) and rose (Alex Ellis) in a rather amusing way. I’m not a fan of Celine, so I really don’t her songs but I was laughing through most of the 90 minutes. Jokes can be rather bad like when Kathy bates (referenced as unsinkable kimmy Schmidt) is called an American horror story—ok, that’s my kind of mix/mash humor i like. The “iceberg bitch” (played by Tina turner aka Kyle ramar freeman) shows up to do a RuPaul elimination round—l was dying). I have only one legit question—how did Frankie grande get in the mix with these legit broadway actors? Anyway, totally fluff spoof that I liked. But it is pricey for streaming at $30. (There were about 1300 people watching live so that’s not a lot of money brought in by this.).

I also watched mint theaters picture of autumn. I liked this play a lot more than the last one (unfaithfully yours). A aging British family deciding whether to leave the estate for a more manageable house. It’s 2 hours and enjoyable at home. It’s probably a bit slow for my taste if sitting in a theater.

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