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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 09:58 pm EDT 05/04/21
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Well, you and I do completely agree that there is nothing funny about Gooch's unwed motherhood, but that is the case in both the play and the musical, and it's a separate issue from whether or not it was a good idea to combine the roles of Nora and Gooch. I'm almost certain that, in the play version of AUNTIE MAME, it is NOT eventually revealed that Gooch and O'Bannion were actually married; I believe this change was made for the movie as a sop to the moralistic Hollywood of the time. In the play, if I recall correctly, O'Bannion impregnates Gooch and then abandons her completely. Hilarious!!!!!

I guess we do disagree on most other points here. I see no reason why Gooch can't be a mousy, repressed, thirty-something woman who is working as a nanny and has been hired to take charge of Patrick, and who then "comes out of her shell" under Mame's tutelage. And for anyone who knew MAME before they knew AUNTIE MAME, as I did, it seems very strange to find that the one character was ever two.

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