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Agree wholeheartedly, on both accounts. The performers were all wonderful, especially Sierra Boggess and the hilarious Kelli O'Hara (you'll have to see it to understand).
And yes, it is a mystery as to why their streaming rule was so strict: If you didn't log in at the appropriate time, you were SOL. I looked back at my order, and it doesn't say loud and clear that this was a "one time only" offering... no chance of streaming at a later time. That goes against most "norms" today, which allow people to watch an event at a time convenient for them. Perhaps there's a plan to allow repeat viewings, but I haven't seen anything about that as of yet. When I wrote to "Moment House," the ticket provider, they claim that it is the "artist brand" that controls the option as to whether or not a show will have replays or not. Doesn't "smell" quite right, especially since so many fans would love to see the show, as well as the opportunity to raise more money for Target ALS.

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