Anyone see or familiar with "Georgy", the musical version of "Georgy Girl"?
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Was watching the film of "Georgy Girl" last night and recalled that there was a flop Broadway musical which had a score by George Fischoff and Carole Bayer Sager, which got Tony nominations for Dilys Watling and Melissa Hart. I know it was a quick flop, but any info on its merits? The film was marvelous with wonderful performances by Lynn Redgrave in a star-making role, Alan Bates in a fabulous, charismatic performance as ever given, and great work by James Mason and Charlotte Rampling. I recall Bates giving one of the greatest performances on Broadway I ever saw in "Fortune's Fool", certainly the best drunk scene I ever witnessed, opposite also marvelous Frank Langella. Lynn Redgrave I had the pleasure of seeing in "Aren't We All", with she and Jeremy Brett steering the play in actual leads but with Rex Harrison and Claudettte Colbert a pleasure to see on stage. Redgrave also was marvelous in "Shakespeare for My Father". Another Broadway connection with the film was that the very catchy hit title song's lyrics were written by Jim Dale.

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