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Posted by: ryhog 03:39 pm EDT 05/05/21
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Indoor and outdoor (and large arena) rules are different. Cuomo has now announced that the ball parks can have sections that are vaccinated at 100% segregated from those for the pariah at 33%. I am confused by what seems like your confusion about some of the rest. What de-incentivizes vaccinations? Just the opposite. You are entitled to your opinion about the critical mass of theatregoers. Producers are betting the opposite. The Times says 30 shows by year end, which I think is too many, but we shall see if that pans out. (It is well to remember that it does not take that many bodies to fill a Broadway house, in the scheme of things, but I think there can be too much supply early on.) Some shows by mid-Sept is pretty much a lock.

I don't know where you got the idea I suggested elimination of the vaccine or testing requirement in 3-4 months. Just the opposite. This will be with us for quite a while. The relaxation that has been discussed is masks. If we have vaccine requirement, more vaccinations, and enough time to make sure it is all being done right, there has been talk of eliminating the mask rule early next year. That's all I was referring to. Finally, again not sure what you are talking about re negotiations, I was referring to negotiations with the unions re protocols.

I am happy to engage with you but I am wondering if you did more than skim what I wrote. Or maybe I am really getting that unclear (which would be troubling to me). TBC I am certain there will be vaccine requirements unless or until we reach the solid range of herd immunity.

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