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Not surprised at all, though. I (and others) have been saying much the same thing for months (see post from a few weeks back that I linked below, if interested).

I do remember I was chastised by someone for “glib naïveté”, I believe (I won’t mention their name since this isn’t about embarrassing someone else, though it is in part about me being right, lol): that person wrote, in part,
“This is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of at least two things: the interest of Broadway producers in this, and the economics of it….Here's the thing: Hamilton is sui generis as we all know, and it had banked well over a half a billion dollars in just under 2000 performances before it streamed anything. And that kinda serves up the economic argument. Yes, Netflix, Disney, et al will jump on the shows they can sell, but what happens to the ones they can't (which is most of them). Several possible answers, none of which are good for Broadway, the theatre, or New York City. Do you know how we make sure Netflix keeps buying? Do you know how Netflix short-circuits the production of these things? Think about it and get back to me. It is not pretty. I stand by my two word description that struck a nerve.”

As for me, my own questions still stand (‘glib naïveté’ aside) – and they’re rhetorical, as the other poster was unable to address them: WHY are none of these streaming developments and possibilities good for Broadway, why wouldn’t it “be pretty”, and why WOULDN’T producers (at the very least) be INTERESTED in it?
The answer, of course, is that they are they will be, and there’s no reasons, at least not ones that make any sense, why everyone in the industry wouldn’t be looking at this as a potential new form of outreach and new revenue stream.

Let me be clear: it will always be an adjunct to the live experience, and not something that replaces centuries of live performance. But whether livestreams broadcast by theaters themselves, archival recordings, professional films sold to major streaming services, or even Zoom-specific plays created solely for the Internet, online theater is clearly here to stay.
Link https://www.talkinbroadway.com/allthatchat_new/d.php?id=2508837

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