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“In fairness, I share that poster's skepticism that a subsidized theatre taking this step is going to open the floodgates for commercial producers doing the same.“

I hear you- not starting a flame war here, since I agree it’s not as if every new Broadway show will be available in people’s homes the minute it premieres onstage…

…but to a certain extent what you describe above is already happening. Jagged Little Pill did a streamed concert of basically all the music in the show, SIX has been doing the same (in many variations, including multiple livestreams of reunions of the show’s various casts), and of course there’s the examples of Come From Away, being filmed this month and already sold to Apple TV to presumably begin airing even as the show resumes its NY and touring runs (and possibly before?), as well as Diana, which will be streaming on Netflix a full month before it even has its first live performance. Will it happen with every show? No. But as long as there’s both interest from broadcasters and interest from producers, I wouldn’t be the least surprised to see it eventually become more frequent than not.

I’ll be particularly curious to see what happens, for example, with all the plays coming to Broadway this fall – Thoughts of a Colored Man, Trouble in Mind, Blue, Lackawanna Blues, Clyde’s, Pass Over, etc. Non-musicals focusing on people of color have historically been a tough sell, at least ones without stars (even most of August Wilson’s initial productions lost money), and that’s a lot of them coming in the span of a few months. With the nationwide interest in BLM and with books like White Fragility having been bestsellers for a full year, then if many tourists aren’t interested in these shows but theater fans across the country who can’t make it to New York this autumn are, I feel like it’d be crazy if almost every single one of those shows wasn’t searching for any takers to help preserve them on video (beyond Lincoln Center’s TOFT) to both get them to a wider audience and help ameliorate potential financial loss. I could be wrong.

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