It’s important to note this is London.
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In 2019, Forbes reported that filming a show in broadway cost $2-4m and London was £250-300k. That is an incredible difference in cost.

I watched titanique on Sunday and it had around 1300 streamers. About one performance at broadway theater (of course there probably more than 1 watching at each stream). And at $25 each stream which is $32k. I’m not sure that is enough to cover technical costs. Maybe more watched the taped show over the last few days, but I doubt it doubled. I’ll note that I posted a review on Monday and no one responded.

Old Vic has only 500 streams—so that isn’t much. One might have to buy a season if offered to guarantee to see one or two of the shows. Lungs sold out pretty quickly although i watched it on a later stream date. I think three kings and Christmas carol didn’t sell out.

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