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“ I’m surprised at the yearly broadway musical on nbc/fox fizzled out after a few years.”

Diminishing returns… they stopped being good! Sound of Music had novelty value, Grease was exceptionally well done, but the rest were either miscast, unexcitingly cast, poorly done, or just unnecessary (and in the case of Rent, the one that put the nail in the coffin, all of the above).

But a well-done broadcast film like Hamilton or What the Constitution Means to Me is more of an event and more buzz-worthy, as well as more of an ongoing asset, being on streaming services, than even the best of the gimmicky live musicals were to a broadcast network.

(I also don’t know that it’s fair to compare Netflix’s The Prom or the upcoming Tick Tick Boom and 13 to what we’re talking about here – those are big, costly, actual film adaptations, as opposed to just filming a stage show. No, I’m sure in the end The Prom wasn’t fully worth the money they spent on it - but if it had turned out to generate the excitement that the movie adaptation of Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom did, or for that matter the filmed Broadway production of American Idiot on HBO Max, then it would have been money well spent. All you’re saying, with due respect, is that the effort only makes sense financially if the end result is welcome and/or well-received. That’s true of anything.)

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