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Regarding "St. Bridget", it was not performed in the first production of Mame that I saw in '94. It's been brought up on ATC a few times and various posters have said it's no longer in the show. I just assumed that what I read here was correct.

Yeah, let's just agree that we disagree about the "humor" of Gooch's pregnancy. I suspect that we interpret the scene with the Upsons at the Beekman Place dinner party differently. A lot of things are implied during that scene, but not explicitly explained. I've always been influenced by Vera's remark to Mame just as Babcock storms out, "Mame, did you deliberately plan all this?" To which, Mame (eventually) replies "Rattlesnake, anyone?"

Resnik and Robertson were a hoot in their verbal sparring and the "Bosom Buddies" musical number. However, overrall I preferred Scrofano as Mame in the earlier production -- she brought more warmth to the role. Scrofano and Resnik both played Norma in different Chicago productions of Sunset Blvd -- I liked Resnik more in that role. Resnik was also great in the only Chicago area staging I've seen as Leona in Do I Hear a Waltz?. Years ago Scrofano and Resnik were great as Desiree and Charlotte in the Goodman's staging of A Little Night Music.

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