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Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 12:08 am EDT 05/08/21
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Hey, Laurents wrote the libretto, and he's the one who suggested that Tony and Riff had a sexual relationship. I'm pretty sure he even hinted that there is a gay subtext in the way Tamblyn and Beymer look at each other at times in the film. Tamblyn has strongly denied what Laurents hinted at.

Laurents was a live wire, a self professed know-it-all, a troublemaker, and a provocateur who would say ANYTHING to get attention, even more so as he got older and became more bitter and whatever talent he had dried up. Among the several reasons why it would be ridiculous and damaging to the story of WSS to imply a romantic and/or sexual relationship between Riff and Tony, the most important is how much that would complicate and raise questions about the love between Tony and Maria.

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